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The Enock Mathebula Foundation.

develop and empower young people.

The Enock Mathebula Foundation is a non-profit organization that offers programmes which develop and empower young people from challenged and vulnerable communities.

Our mentorship programmes provides or mentees with an environment that allows them to overcome shortcomings in their education, by focusing on creativity. Our aim is to make learning enjoyable while fostering the drive to academic success.

The Youth Skills Development programmes helps mentees to prepare them for the world outside of school and to develop their entrepreneurship skills.

57% of South African students who enter Grade 1 don’t complete Grade 12. Youth dropping out from school or stuck in unemployment will start their adult life with less income and less financial security, which can delay their achievement of classical milestones of adulthood. Such a disruption in the transition of youth to an autonomous life can create significant long-term costs for societies and economies, undermining social cohesion and productivity levels as well as the potential for inclusive growth. Young people have specific needs and interests across all policy and service areas including in education and environment, among others.

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Our programmes

There are positive outcomes at both individual and community level.

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To transform the lives of the youth, South Africa needs genuine, durable change that goes beyond the symptoms to tackle the root cause through education.

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The Enock Mathebula Foundation works with for-purpose organisations and corporate, to co-design the bursaries for young people of our communities.

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The foundation engage youth to provide intensive, coordinated support to young people to strengthen their successful training and their pathways to employment.

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Community Development

Community development empowers community members and creates stronger and more connected communities.

The Chairman Note

The Enock Mathebula Foundation is focused on ensuring all young people have the opportunity to fulfill their potential. Our programs provide the young people with tools designed to them identify their purpose and develop their potential for life-long success. We believe by empowering the next generation, through our programs, is vital for the better of the community and our country at large. Engaging young people in our programs offers opportunities for them to contribute and make a positive difference to their communities, benefitting both the young people and the organisations with which they are involved.

In addition, community development is our program which addresses social and community issues. The objective is to create positive change at a community or neighbourhood level.

The young people from challenged and vulnerable communities are already experiencing significant poverty, discrimination, violence, and exclusion. The crisis has taken an unprecedented toll on their schooling, health, safety, and livelihoods. Our support to young people aims to create more opportunities, assets, networks, and safe spaces for young people. Our programs are key to youth development in challenged and vulnerable communities.